Each club devotes 40 minutes to handbook work each week. A new clubber starts by passing an entrance booklet, enabling them to purchase a uniform and handbook.

SPARKS (Kindergarten to Second grade):

The handbooks for Sparks are divided into three parts: Rank, Bible Drills, and Crafts/Activities. The Rank and Bible Drill sections must be completed in sequential order. The Crafts/Activities sections may be completed in any order at any time after Rank is passed. Please preview the Crafts/Activities sections and note that some sections may take a longer period of time to be completed and should be started early.

TRUTH & TRAINING (Third grade to Fifth grade):

There are 8 segments called “Discoveries” in the books of “The Ultimate Adventure Series” in T&T. Each segment contains 7 sections. Clubbers are expected to work in their handbooks on a weekly basis. When reciting verses, no more than two helps per section will be allowed. There are approximately 55 sections per handbook for each grade level and there are approximately 8 months in the AWANA program. To finish the minimum requirements for an award at the end of the year, a clubber needs to complete 7-8 sections per month.

TREK (Sixth grade to Eighth grade):

Trek is a club for middle school students. Students will be using the “Trek Bible Studies,” which are bound back-to-back in a magazine-style format. Each magazine includes two 12-lesson studies (a year’s worth of lessons). Trek Bible Studies will be done in Large Group as the week’s lesson and then it will be reinforced in Small Group time. Students working toward completing their books must complete Bible memory requirements and other activities at home. They will recite verses and get signed off on other activities during Small Group.

Book Awards


After the “Flight 3:16″ all new clubbers begin with the first book, “HangGlider”. 1st graders can advance to the next book “WingRunner” upon completion of the Skipper book, while 2nd graders can advance to the “SkyStormer” book upon completion of both the HangGlider and WingRunner books.

HangGlider   –   Green Ribbon
WingRunner   –   Blue Ribbon
SkyStormer   –   Sparky Award Plaque


Truth & Training

All new clubbers begin with the first book after completing the “Start Zone.” 4th graders can advance to the second book, and 5th graders can advance to the third book after completing the first 2 books.



All Trek students start with “Trek Check.” They will then move onto the “Trek Bible Studies.” All Trek programs will focus on a specific curriculum. If a student has not completed the previous year’s book, then he/she is encouraged to complete that before moving onto the next book. Throughout the year, different levels of incentives and awards will be given to recognize the achievements of our students and to motivate them to excel. A Milestone Award will be presented at the Year End Award Ceremony to honor students for completing one year of Trek Bible Studies.

Book Completion Awards for Third to Eighth Graders:

First book   –   Alpha Award
Second book   –   Excellence Award
Third book   –   Challenge Award
Fourth book   –   Timothy Award
Sixth book   –   Meritorious Award