Sunday Afternoon Schedule

  Sparks Truth & Training Trek
2:45p – 3:00p Sign In Sign In Sign In
3:00p – 3:05p Opening Ceremony    Opening Ceremony    Opening Ceremony   
3:05p – 3:40p Handbook Time Council Time Feature Events
3:45p – 4:20p Council Time Game Time Large Group
4:25p – 4:55p Game Time Handbook Time Small Group
4:55p – 5:00p Closing Ceremony Closing Ceremony Closing Ceremony

Council Time/Large Group: HEARING God’s Word
A time for listening to God’s Word, singing praises to Him.

Handbook Time/Small Group: SAYING God’s Word
A time for reciting Bible verses from handbook, memorized at home the previous week.

Game Time/Feature Event: APPLYING God’s Word
A time for fun and games, fellowship, and applying learned Bible principles.